Arthritis - CBD & Your Joints

According to the NHS website, over 10m people in the UK suffer from Arthritis or related conditions that affect the joints. It can affect people of all ages, even children, although it is most prevalent in people over 40 years old. 

The two most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis; however, Osteoarthritis is by far the most common with nearly 9 million people experiencing it in the UK. Osteoarthritis is more common in woman than men and most often starts showing signs in people from their mid-40s onward.

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This form of arthritis can be caused by injury as well as through natural aging and the subsequent use of joints. In its early stages it affects the smooth cartilage lining of joints, making movement more difficult. This leads to stiffness and pain in the affected area.

As the condition progresses the cartilage lining roughens and thins, meaning the ligaments and tendons have to strain to work progressively harder to maintain normal function. This in turn causes swelling and bony spurs called Osteophytes to form. More severe cartilage loss in the later stages of arthritis can lead to bone rubbing and joint alteration as bones move out of their normal positions, most commonly affecting spines, hands, knees and the hips.

According to the website Medical News Today, some studies have suggested that CBD Oil and other related CBD products can help relieve arthritis pain. This is supported by findings from the Arthritis Foundation who have found anecdotal evidence that Arthritis sufferers have benefited from the use of CBD products to relieve pain and improve sleeping patterns as well as for the reduction of anxiety. Unfortunately, there are very limited clinical studies in humans, however, there have been several promising clinical studies in animals that have proven the positive effects of CBD on pain relief. This has started to give credibility to claims that CBD Oils, CBD creams and other related CBD products such as CBD Capsules have pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties that can help sufferers cope with the negative symptoms of arthritis.

CBD Success offers a wide range of CBD products that may assist with the relief of painful arthritis symptoms including topical CBD infused creams such as Hemp Well Cooling Muscle and Joint Cream (500mg and 1000mg) , as well as CBD capsules including Elixinol 900mg Capsules or HempWell 1500mg capsules. There are also lower dosage products such as Medterra CBD 750mg gel capsules, as well as CBD oils like HempWell Broad Spectrum 3000mg CBD oil and HempWell CBD oil 2000mg.

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It is always recommended that individuals consult their doctors or physicians and seek proper medical advice before taking any new treatments and consider how new products may react with existing medications. Having said that, we have received CBD product testimonials and reviews which have given hope that CBD products can and will have a hugely positive affect on pain relief and help reduce the negative impact of

arthritis on daily life.

At CBD Success, we hope that as CBD becomes more widely researched, used, and eventually adopted by society as a reliable natural health remedy. Once more clinical trials and studies can be undertaken, we hope that arthritis sufferers and others with chronic pain conditions can find success with CBD.