CBD - How It’s Made

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance found both in the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. Despite being domesticated in Northwest China approximately 12,000 years ago, CBD was only isolated from the cannabis sativa L. plant in the 1940s by Rodger Adams and even then, its chemical structure was unknown.

There are numerous ways that CBD extract oil can be extracted from cannabis or hemp plants, however, extraction systems normally use carbon dioxide as a solvent in order to extract the oil which is considered advantageous as it does not leave a residue. The Cannabis plant has over 400 chemical entities, more than 60 of which are cannabinoid compounds and it is necessary to isolate the individual compound of CBD. This requires two processes, winterization and Short Path Distillation.

clear glass CBD bottle with yellow lid

Winterization removes the undesirable elements from the marijuana or hemp plants such as fats and waxes. The hemp extract oil is effectively crude oil and the fats present, dilute the final concentration of cannabinoids in the final extract causing purity issues. The first step requires dissolving the hemp extract oil in ethanol to dissolve the undesirable elements in the solution. This solution is then cooled before going into a vacuum filtration system which removes fat from the extract oil. Finally, the ethanol is boiled off at 78.5°C to create a purer cannabis oil. The CBD is then further refined using Short Path Distillation which allows the CBD compound to be isolated from the extract oil - because it has a different boiling point to the other compounds.

The purified CBD is then turned into a wide variety of products including CBD Oils and CBD Creams. At CBD Success we benefit from this technological process which allows us to sell a wide variety of CBD products at varying strength to tailor the product to the needs of our customers. These products are manufactured by top brands such as 365CBD, Elixinol, Endoca, HempWell and Medterra. We believe in providing customers with the ability to harness the natural benefits of the marijuana and hemp plants by selling CBD in an easily consumable and accessible way. We offer a range of different products such as CBD capsules, creams, oils, tinctures and gummies, allowing our customers to utilise the benefits of CBD in a way that best suits them. Some of our best selling and most recommended products are our 365CBD oils which comes in a variety of flavours as well as the 365CBD Chewable tablets.