Celebrities Using CBD Products

In today’s world of celebrities and social media, many of us look to celebrities as role models and for opinions and guidance on the latest trends as well as for entertainment.

Over the last few years, here at CBD Success we are pleased to see that more and more celebrities have come out to show their support for CBD and publicly promote the use of CBD products, giving more credibility to this relatively new market and bringing it into the mainstream. Not only are many celebrities vocal users, but some have also become the faces of existing brands. Others, such as Whoopie Goldberg and rapper Jay-Z have even gone on to create and sell their own CBD product ranges.

Upon further research, it seems that CBD has found particular popularity amongst professional athletes, a report by the BBC found a growing number of athletes use CBD for everything from sleep improvement and anxiety, to pain relief and that is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Also cited by the BBC in 2020, John Moores University undertook a study that surveyed 517 professional rugby players and found that 25% of respondents had used CBD products and more interestingly 8% continued to use them on an ongoing basis. They quoted Jerome Kaino, Jim Hamilton and Scotland and Racing 92 fly half Finn Russell as notable professional rugby players that openly use CBD products.

As well as famous rugby players, fitness gurus and celebrity trainers like Luke Milton are also known to promote CBD products, and the Elixinol products that he promotes can be found right here at CBD Success.

Sticking with athletes and sports personalities, the Daily Record has reported on the famous cricketer Freddie Flintoff’s fondness of CBD products as well as the world-renowned footballer Jamie Redknapp being a keen user. In addition to sports personalities, several celebrities from film, tv and music have also come out in support of CBD, in the same article, the Daily Record also reported that Paddy McGuiness is a big fan!

Other famous actors that use CBD include Michael J Fox (the star of that

Hollywood, California

classic family favourite, Back to the Future) and the ever lovable Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump / The Davinci Code) who has been vocal about using CBD for anxiety. Even Morgan Freeman (who certainly needs no introduction) has been said to use CBD products to reduce pain following a life-threatening crash in 2008. Moving to the small screen, ‘Friends’ star Jenifer Anderson told US Weekly that she uses CBD to help with stress , pain and anxiety. Finally, BBC’s Ferne Cotton promotes CBD in her wellbeing books and uses it to assist relieve the symptoms of PTSD and reduce panic attacks.

Still not convinced?

If you want a truly family friendly and credible vote for CBD, look no further than Martha Stewart! She, like Whoopie Goldberg, loved CBD so much that she started her own brand and started selling it!

Interestingly, Mike Tyson, Kristen Bell, and as mentioned Jay-Z, are 3 other notable celebrities that have joined the ranks of celebrities that have become CBD suppliers.


So, as you can see, there is a lot of faith in CBD hemp oil amongst celebrities, with a wide range of products being used by the stars. Whether it be through CBD oils such as Hemp Well CBD Hemp Oil 2000mg or CBD capsules such as the popular Elixinol 900mg CBD Hemp Oil Capsules  or even creams such as the Endoca Hemp Oil Cream (300mg CBD), whatever your particular reason there is sure to be a CBD product out there that meets your personal needs. So why not follow the stars, do your research, and have a look around the CBD Success Shop to find a CBD solution that works for you! As ever, feel free to drop us a line should you have any questions, as we here at CBD Success are always on hand to help you find Success with CBD.


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