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Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops | 1500mg CBD+CBDa

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Endoca raw hemp oil drops contain full-spectrum CBD+CBDa. Unheated and unrefined, these CBD drops offer the full range of natural benefits from the hemp plant.

Endoca raw hemp oil provides vital omegas, vitamins, and minerals that are usually lost in the heating process. The Endoca formula makes use of hemp’s natural, complex structure of over 400 unaltered molecules. Organic, non-GMO, CBD oil may support a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Hemp seed oil (50%), Omega 3 (0.75g), Omega 6 (2.5g), Vitamin E (5mg) phytocannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid 15% (CBDa+CBD 1500mg), low concentrations of the natural forms of (CBC, CBG, CBN)

Terpenes Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta-pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene, and Humulene.

Other natural molecules Cannabis plant waxes, alkanes, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, ketones, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, pigments, water, cofactors, and co-nutrients.

*Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of the hemp plant.


  • To supplement your diet with Endoca raw hemp oil, use it once or twice daily.
  • Endoca recommends 1-3 drops per day on an empty stomach.
  • To use the dropper, squeeze gently on the rubber tip and release it to fill the dropper. To place drops under your tongue, fill the dropper and press gently on the rubber tip to release the droplets.
  • Store the bottle in a cool dry place.
  • For best hygiene - Avoid putting the dropper applicator in your mouth and putting it back in the bottle.

To find out more about Endoca raw hemp oil and other CBD oils, contact CBD Success here.

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These raw hemp oil drops are absolutely spot on , thanks in particular to the guy ( Toby??) that changed the delivery address post order