Will CBD help my Psoriasis go away?

Psoriasis is a dermatological condition which causes all manner of discomfort for an estimated 29.5 million people across the world. As with many skin conditions, it is often difficult to find a product to reduce the inflammation and itchiness and the right product can be different for each person – there is no known cure. For sufferers, this can lead to a frustrating search involving trialling lots of products with little luck.

Could CBD be the answer? CBD oil has proven to reduce inflammation and is useful for pain management. With many topical CBD ointments available on the market, this is a great way for people with psoriasis to target the pain at source and calm sore patches down. With a natural remedy, the chances of the cream further angering the skin is exceptionally low, so a CBD ointment made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients is best.

A treatment for the pain and inflammation caused by psoriasis is a good start which could vastly improve the lives of sufferers. However, CBD oils may take it one step further and even begin to treat the disease itself. Whilst studies with CBD are still relatively small in number, this Italian study tested 20 patients with three of the most common skin disorders: psoriasis (5 patients), atopic dermatitis (5 patients) and resulting outcome scars (10 patients). The study found that CBD oil improved the skin hydration and elasticity and the patients responded well when questioned about their pain, reporting that quality of life had improved. This study is clearly limited by its size but is the most often cited – showing the need for more investigation before we can accurately comment. There are, however, plenty of reviews that suggest there may be some efficacy in CBD oil in psoriasis treatment and the resulting studies could well yield some interesting and hopefully positive results.


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In conclusion, it is unclear whether CBD will completely rid someone of psoriasis. What is clear is that topical CBD treatments are well known for pain and inflammation reduction, as well as offering a barrier against infection through the Endocannabinoid System which has been shown to play a role in the immune function of the body. Treating these symptoms would still provide a huge amount of relief to psoriasis sufferers and thus improve quality of life.

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