Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes we offer delivery to the whole of the UK, and we aim to dispatch products within 48 hours however can offer an express service if needed; details are available upon request.

Are CBD products legal?

Yes. Cannabidiol products are legal to buy and sell in England, however, there are various rules to selling CBD products in shops and online:

  • Without medical licenses, products are not allowed to contain more than 0.02% THC – THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that leads to the “high” associated with Marijuana.
  • CBD products sold without a pharmaceutical license are restricted from making medical claims about what CBD products may do.
  • You need to be clear about what ingredients your products contain.

Will our CBD products make me test positive on a Drugs Test?

As discussed, CBD is a compound and the products that contain them are completely legal, so it’s not likely that any standard workplace drug test would be testing for CBD. However, THC remains illegal where over the stated limit and many workplaces and tests have a 0% tolerance.

Whilst the CBD oils we sell are 100% legal, some (where clearly stated) contains a minute trace amount of THC. So whilst you would need to take a large amount of our THC-containing CBD oil to fail a drugs test, we’d recommend that you choose products that are THC free such as Broad Spectrum or isolate products if you are concerned. These products are manufactured from higher quantities of distilled and isolated CBD where the THC is completely removed removing the risk of failing common drug tests.