About Us

Welcome to CBD Success, the website dedicated to helping others find success with the ancient healing power of CBD.

Whilst only launched on the day of the summer solstice 2020, the three founders Mischa, Kier, and Toby have seen the life-changing benefits that CBD can have on various conditions all the way from MS to anxiety to arthritis, as well as many other medical issues.

Given the clear benefits experienced first-hand as well as the increasing numbers of positive medical research being completed, we were frustrated that its use was not more widespread and that high-quality products were not more readily available.

As a result, we came together in 2019 to discuss creating a new online marketplace dedicated to the supply of quality CBD products at reasonable prices. Over the coming months, many products were tried and tested – the criteria were simple – great customer service; reliability; fair prices and most importantly; quality products.

So here we are, welcome to CBD Success, please have a look around.

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